Collaborative Biostatistics Training Workshop

We will be running our first workshop focused on early career biostatisticians in June 2019 in Tanzania. Dates are 13-14 June at the White Sands Hotel, Jangwani Beach, Dar Es Salaam. We are currently taking applications.


  • The many roles of the collaborating biostatistician
  • Collaboration with clinical researchers (theory & practice)
  • Development of collaboration skills
  • In depth skills assessment
  • Methods & practice: Sample size and power (G*Power software)
  • Biostatistical methods (GLMs, GAMs/splines, GEE and clustered data)
    (may change depending on skills assessment)

Dates: Thursday 13 – Friday 14, June, 2019, 8:30-17:00 daily
Venue: White Sands Hotel, Jangwani Beach, Dar Es Salaam
Cost: $80 (2 days) includes lunch and tea breaks [Note: Does NOT include accommodation or travel]
Apply: DEADLINE: 1 May, 2019
Decision & feedback will be made on applications by 5 June, 2019