Maternal & Child Health

This is collaborative work with Landon Myer’s group in maternal & child health in populations living with HIV. We work with this strong epidemiology group in the design and monitoring stages of some ongoing clinical trials as well as post study analyses and co-development of simulation work in the field of maternal and child health and HIV. This group is the major collaborator on our NIH funded work looking at viral load monitoring in pregnant and postpartum women (VLSiM).

The MCH portfolio also includes the many analyses related to understanding programmatic data. This is work carried out on the routine HIV VL and PCR testing carried out by the NHLS. This data is sensitive (ie identified) and work here includes the methodological as well as descriptive. This is a very large data set (>8million observations) and comes with a number of complexities.

Current projects:

Recent outputs:

Odayar et al. Delivery of antiretroviral therapy to HIV-infected women during the postpartum period: The Postpartum Adherence Clubs for Antiretroviral Therapy (PACART) trial. Publication

Myer et al. Antiretroviral adherence, elevated viral load and drug resistant mutations in HIV-infected women initiating treatment in pregnancy: a nested case-control study. Publication

Abrams et al. Impact of universal antiretroviral therapy for pregnant and postpartum women on antiretroviral therapy uptake and retention. Publication

le Roux et al. HIV viremia during pregnancy and neurodevelopment of HIV-exposed uninfected children in the context of universal antiretroviral therapy and breastfeeding: a prospective study. Publication

Myer et al. Integration of postpartum healthcare services for HIV-infected women and their infants in South Africa: a randomised controlled trial. Publication